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No. 1 Karaoke Speaker

Product Info

Professional Category

Designed for large space that required high power sound, such as large Karaoke room or event hall.


Commercial Category

BMB is leading commercial Karaoke scene as a standard. The karaoke facility that sticks to the sound quality, would have BMB brand speakers.

Home Category

High brand BMB Karaoke experience comes to your place. Everyone could setup easier.



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  • Free Drinks & Food
  • Big Party
  • Famous Guest Stars
  • Lounge Area
  • Special DJ & Partners



  • 3 Drinks + 2 Food
  • Small Party
  • 2x Photo With Guest Star
  • Vibe Dining
  • Party Partner



  • 5 Drinks + 4 Food
  • Standard Party
  • Meet Private Guest
  • Dance Floor
  • Popular DJs

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